Mindfulness Practices

I started recording these practices at the start of Covid19 in March 2020. The time of lock down was very stressful for many of us and so I started sending out daily meditations to support us all. I have continued to do this work as mindfulness always has a place in daily life and people continued to appreciate the practices appearing on their phone each morning.

If you would like to receive the daily practices via Whatsapp do message me on 07949041777 and I will add you to the group. there are over 100 participants so the golden rule is that nobody messages on the forum.

Guided meditations can be very helpful to use both, as we develop and maintain a mindfulness practice.

I hope that you find the range here helpful. Do be in touch if I can record anything in particular for you. The recordings include a variety of guided practices with different focuses such as breathing, sitting, visualisation, walking and sound.

More meditations are also available on my other website: http://www.steps.ahead.org.uk

These meditations can be accessed via my SoundCloud account below.